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TLA Membership Application

Thank you for supporting TLA.

TLA has five levels of membership and all dues are for the current calendar year.

Donor – $100
Leader - $250
Steward – $500
Benefactor – $1,000
Basic – $60

TLA also offers a Life Membership for a one time payment of $2,000.

In addition to your membership, we encourage you to subscribe to the Michigan Riparian magazine. The Michigan Riparian is one of the best ways to stay informed about the particular concerns of Michigan Inland waters: from conservation and stewardship issues, to property rights and policy updates, to invasive species and lake management concerns. We offer this add-on to your membership because we believe that more we know about our waters, the better we will be at protecting them for the generations to come. The Michigan Riparian is a quarterly publication of the Michigan Lakes and Streams Partnership. A subscription to this magazine can be added to your membership dues for $17 per year.

To join TLA or to renew your TLA membership, please complete the following application. Once you submit your contact information, you will be able to submit your credit card payment.

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